Things to Carry

Things to carry:

  • Clothing as per season.

  • Muted colors like khaki, tan, beige etc. are more suitable colors to wear in the wild. 

  • Personal clothing, sunscreen lotion, cap, sunglasses, scarf, torch (mandatory).

  • Personal medicines.

  • Personal identification (compulsory).

  • Personal water bottle; so as to minimize the use of disposable plastic bottles.

  • A camera. Binoculars come in very handy while spotting camouflaged animals.

  • Please note that many parks charge extra for video cameras.

Don’ts :

  • Don’t wear brightly colored or high-contrast clothing.

  • Don’t wave arms.

  • Don’t throw anything out of the vehicle.

  • Don’t speak above a whisper.

  • Don’t yell at animals.

  • Don’t pound hands on the side of the vehicles or clap hands in order to get the attention of or scare the animals.

  • Don’t feed the animals.

Please Note:

  • Keep the forest & surrounding area clean.

  • Leaving your garbage anywhere in the forest is not allowed.

  • Your seat will be confirmed only after full payment for the tour.

  • Gypsy Safari Bookings and Train Bookings run 90 days in advance.

  • For last minute entrants only tatkal tickets are available which incur additional cost.