If you are one to appreciate nature, discover its secrets, experience its beauty and live through travel you must know about Jungle Lore; we personify it. No mountain is high enough for us, no river too low. Our thirst for exploring the unknown pockets of earth however, is certainly deep enough. Jungle Lore is a unique travel boutique that thrives on offbeat destinations of the world. At Jungle Lore, we encourage you to come share the experience with us as we take you through various corners of distant towns and its people, forests, tigers, eagles and the like.

Take back with you the richness of the culture stumbled upon and the memory of a road less traveled.


Jungle Lore positions itself at an intersection of promoting unconventional tourism, creating awareness and supporting conservation initiatives at the grass-root level.Our mission is to bridge the gap between the three.

From exotic locations to off-beat activities, we specialize in customizing trips for our clientele,  just the way they like it .

Our services are open to a wide range of people - individuals, families, friends, corporates, schools and colleges.

Our programs are designed with the traveler in mind, in luxurious surroundings and through exhilarating experiences. Our knowledge, expertise and professional setups in each destination ensures that all our visitors have an experience of a lifetime.

All our trips could be customized to suit any of our traveler's requirements, depending on the theme, size and maturity of the group. With larger organizations such as corporates and schools, we also have customized long-term contracts which cover a mix of all our services.


Join us and explore more...