Jungle Lore offers a 2 nights & 3 days package and a 3 night & 4 day package for our patrons looking to indulge in the purest of wildlife experience coupled with the most luxurious accommodation options. We haven't had guest coming back without a wide smile. We will take care of your accommodation, food, safaris, pick up and surface transfers, and on request even your travel tickets. What else do you need!

Nearest Airport: Bhopal Airport


DAY 1 - Evening Departure for Bhopal

We depart for Bhopal via early morning Jet lite Flight. Upon arrival in Bhopal, post breakfast we depart for Satpura National Park. A 3 hr drive takes us to the very hospitable Reni Peni Jungle Lodges located in the Buffer area. Post, we leave for an evening Jeep Safari to track the tranquil wildlife of the Satpura.

Dinner and overnight stay at the resort.

DAY 2 - Jeep Safaris and Boat Safari

The day is to indulge in purest experience of the Jungle and hence we have morning Jeep safari and evening boat safaris planned for you.

Dinner and overnight stay at the resort.

DAY 3 - Departure to Bhopal

The morning start is greeted by one of the most sought after activiites of the park called the Walking Safari, which gives the vistors a chance to explore the reserve on foot. Post our visit and Lunch we depart for Bhopal airport. Depart to Mumbai via evening flight with wild memories of the Satpuras.

*Please Note: The above itinerary can be modified during the trip to suit your preferences. The itinerary can similarly be extended by a day as well to make the most of this unique destinations



Located in the pristine forests typical of Satpura Tiger Reserve, derived its name from a neighboring tribal village. Offering luxury cottages encompassing three distinct architectural designs, lounging bay windows, viewing decks, scrumptious meals etc.. making sure you have the best of the wilderness experience.


About Satpura

A wildlife enthusiast’s paradise, Satpuda National Park is truly central India's best kept secret. Located in the Hoshangabad district, Unknown and unexplored the park offers visitors a chance to explore the ravines and dense forests without the maddening crowd. Rocky landscape and dense forest of sal and teak give Satpura a true Jungle feel. The park offers a diverse and unique range of activities. Apart from Jeep, Elephant and Boat Safaris, Satpura is the only park of its kind in Central India that offers Walking Safaris, giving enthusiasts a ‘one of a kind’ opportunity to explore a tiger reserve on foot.


You are likely to sight Leopards, Sloth Bear, Indian Wild Dogs, hordes of Indian Gaur, Sambhar plus other herbivores found in Central India and if lucky the magnificent Tiger. Satpura is also the Northern most range of the Malabar Giant Squirrel. The Sheer diversity of animals, the presence of several bird species, numerous species of endemic butterflies and the luxury of exploring this 1427 Sq. Km. expanse of classic Central Indian wildlife habitat in so many different ways make Satpuda a dream come true. The great part of the wildlife in Satpuda is that it is completely untouched hence not crowded due to which the visitor has complete freedom during the jungle exploration drives which means no pre specified zones, routes etc. It is also one of the few parks where Sloth Bear and large Wild dog packs are sighted with such frequency.


4X4 wheeled Jeep safaris takes the visitor across the undulating terrain of the Satpuda. Each vehicle carries up to 4 guests equipped with water to make sure a comfortable safari for our visitors. Unlike any other park, the vehicles of Satpuda are connected via radio transmitters, hence ensuring quick communication between the trackers, which enhances the efficiency of the trackers at the visitor’s disposal.


Again unlike other parks, the elephant safaris are actual safaris. The Elephant helps in accessing rocky terrain sometimes inaccessible by the safari vehicles. It also allows the visitor to get closer to the animal under observation. A thrilling ride and a fantastic experience.


The Denwa river provides the approach to the Satpuda and provides great oppurtunities to the visitor for motorbat safari and cannoying. One can explore the waterways of the wild and experience great landscape and the rich avain-fauna of Satpuda. Cannoying allows the visitor to venture in the shallower regions of the river. Apart from the rich bird life one can see muggers, deers, wild boars and at times even wild dogs hunting at the shores.


Satpura is one of the few tiger reserves that offer an expreincing a tiger reserve on foot. Accompanied with an expert, visitors to the park get to learn about the finer details of animal tracking which are missed during the regular safaris. One also gets to get a closer look at the miacro flora and fauna on the trail.

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